"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations .."
Matthew 28:18

The children and school teachers at the Future Hope Orphanage School
Seventy Ron singing to the children at Future Hope, with the Missionary Team in the background.
Sr Ruth offering a prayer during Prayer Service at Future Hope Orphanage. She is holding Baby Randi. That is Sr. Betty on the left. Sisters Ruth and Betty are the two oldest girls at the orphanage and they take a lot of responsibility for Randi and Praise The Lord, the two babies that live there.

rayer of the Children".
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Lyric and Music by Kurt Bestor
Performed by Inside Out Acapella


Future Hope Billboard

ABOVE: Some of the children of the Future Hope Orphanage posing in front of the new billboard on the Monrovia Highway. The orphanage is situated on the northern edge of Buchanan City, and the billboard is directly in front of the orphanage, and is the first thing you see as you come into Buchanan City from Monrovia. Elders Daniel and Mark are standing on the left of the picture, and Elder Hensley, visiting from Nigeria, is standing next to billboard on the right side of the picture

The Future Hope Orphanage, founded by Mother Etta, is home to 63 orphaned children ranging in age from 1 to 13. Located in the Benson River Community of North Harlandsville, a suburb of Buchanan City, on the Monrovia Highway it is the first thing you see as you enter Buchanan City.When Sr. Etta was converted to the Restoration Gospel, a relationship between the orphanage and the Buchanan Restoration Branch was born. The orphanage consists of a dormitory, outdoor kitchen, and school building. The 30 acre complex has a small pig farm and large garden plot. As the Branch has taken the orphanage as a ministry, some improvements have been accomplished. The well was dug deeper and a concrete top was built and a hand pump installed. The cleaner drinking water solved the diarrhea problem the children were experiencing. New mattresses were purchased for the children's beds, and new latrines are being built. Priesthood from the Buchanan Branch go to the orphanage each Sunday to provide Sunday School and Worship Services. The Branch is planning an agriculture project on the 30 acre site, and members of the congregation have begun clearing the trees, in preparation for planting crops.

Laundry and Cook crew at Future Hope Orphanage