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The Gospel in Kenya

The gospel continues to go forward in Kenya through the dedication and service of the Kenyan saints. Even through adversity, their faith in the Lord has seen them grow and the work going forward in their lives, and giving them joy as they are able to share with others the restored gospel, and the promise of the kingdom.

This year has seen many lives touched, and many responding to the hope of the gospel. Of course, there have been some setbacks, also. New laws to ensure safety on the transportation systems caused the price of riding the matatus to go up by 500 per cent in some places in Nairobi, making it impossible for the saints to continue meeting together in the central location they had been, and caused the cost of the ministry traveling to places around the country to be prohibitive. But the Lord provided, and the groups were still able to meet. We have received word that they have been able to start meeting in the large group again.

And despite the difficulties, the Lord has opened up the work in several new locations within Kenya, with contacts in Bungoma, Nakuru and Eldoret. The Lord has continued to work in the groups now meeting in Nairobi, Ahero, Kisumu, Awasi, Sori Bay, Repoge, Sotik, Katito, Nyabondo and with smaller groups and individuals throughout Kenya. There are now seventeen priesthood members with the ordination of Brother Caleb to the office of teacher this last April.

Probably the most exciting developments have been seeing the Lord’s hand at work in taking the gospel to all of the countries in East Africa. In April, the Lord opened the door to Tanzania, and in October there were eight baptisms in Tanzania with people in two cities now hearing the gospel. Elder Eric was also led to Mbale, Uganda, where the gospel is being shared and doors are being opened. Truly the Lord is at work, and this gospel of the kingdom is being preached in all the world.

African Restoration Ministries has been trying to offer support and ministry also. There were two trips in the last year, with at least three planned for the coming year.. The translation of the Book of Mormon into Swahili and Luo is continuing, after some setbacks in the preceding years.

Last April there was a women’s retreat in Oyugis, Kenya which was attended by over fifty people from all over Kenya. During the trips there were eighteen baptisms, seventeen confirmations and numerous blessings and administration–during which miraculous healings were witnessed. The word is certainly being confirmed by signs and wonders, and the Lord is adding to His church daily. The work has expanded so much that the Kenyan saints have asked that at least four priesthood come with each trip because there are so many places that are requesting ministry! We are humbled to be a part of such a great work, and continue to ask for the prayerful support of the saints all over the world for the work and ministry in their countries.





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