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Umauhia and Lagos Churches
In their new church building construction process


The work in Nigeria continues to grow with the Lord’s guidance and help. For the first time African Restoration Ministries (ARM) was able to send three missionary teams to Nigeria. There was also a fourth trip combined with Kenya and Nigeria by one team member.

Umuahia continues to grow and has the largest membership. The congregation continues to support its private school which continues to expand. They now have grades K through the 5th grades, and they hope to continue to increase the number of grades offered. The school not only provides education for members and non-members alike, but is used as a tool to introduce the church to non members. The congregation also helps provide ministry to a farm settlement several miles outside of Umuahia which also has a small number of saints which holds Sunday services in a small building. Umuahia now has three elders and several Aaronic priesthood members in their congregation.

Umuahia has also reached out to another group. The group holds meetings in a community by the name of Ugwueke which is about a two-hour drive from Umuahia. Brother Hensley, along with the first missionary team, visited the group in Ugwueke led by Pastor Davidson. The group decided that they would join the restoration, and we now have about ten members in the small community of Ugwueke. We have several really good experiences that have occurred during the past year in this community.

There is a small congregation in Lagos, and they have also reached out to a group of Christians in a Lagos suburb, by the name of Alagbado. The group in Alagbado is lead by a man named Samuel Dayo. The second missionary team spent a considerable amount of time talking to Samuel Dayo and telling him about the restoration gospel. Last year ten people from Alagbado were baptized into the church. The third team visited the group in Alagbado which meets in an open area between several homes with no shade of protection from the elements. The third team confirmed those who had been baptized and were well received. We pray and are hopeful the work will go forward in Alagbado and members there will continue to grow in their understanding of the restored gospel.

The missionary teams also made visits to Owerri where we also have members. The group in Owerri is still looking for a permanent place to worship. They currently meet in a small room in an apartment complex.

Future missionary teams have several leads to follow up in other communities as the work continues to grow in Nigeria. We hope you will continue to support the work in Nigeria with your prayers and your financial support.


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