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Think You Might Want To Be A Missionary?

Are you between the ages of 18 and 118? Are you a male or a female? Are you an ordained minister or member of a Restoration Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ? Are you a student, or a graduate? Are you gainfully employed, self-employed or retired? If you fit in any of these categories, then you could be a missionary. If you have a heart for missionary work, we need you. The opportunities are endless. As the work of the gospel is blossoming across the African continent, there are hundreds, and even thousands who have heard the restoration gospel, and are anxious to learn more about it. The gospel has been well established in Kenya in eastern Africa, and Nigeria in western Africa, for a few years now, and the growth in the church in those two countries has been phenomenal. The need for missionaries to assist our African brothers and sisters, in teaching and preaching to all of those who are interested in examining this newfound gospel is great. In 2005, the church was established in Liberia with one branch. In that same year, Restoration Missions were started in 5 other cities, towns and villages. This is indicative of the growth in the restoration gospel all across central Africa. The dedication of church members in Africa has seen the gospel spread forth from Nigeria into Cameroon, and from Kenya into Tanzania and Uganda.

With hundreds of new Saints, and several hundreds of potential converts, comes the need for ministry. Our Restoration Branches are sponsoring schools, orphanages and clinics, as well as new churches. If you are a teacher or student, a nurse or doctor, a carpenter, electrician or mason, a farmer or gardener, with a desire to serve the Lord and His saints, and to bear your testimony of the restoration gospel, then you are called to the work in Africa.

OK!  You’ve decided you want to be a missionary. What next?


    Prayer and Fasting –

Approach the Lord in prayer and fasting to seek His will.  He wants the work to be advanced, and it’s His work, so we can trust Him to let us know if He wants us to go, and where He wants us to go.  It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, if it’s not His will for you to go, then your success may be limited.  If He wants you to go to Liberia and you go to Egypt, your efforts may not be as productive.


Once you and the Lord have decided you should go, and where you should go, then you need to study the culture and the history of that country.  While the cultures have some common traits in the countries that cover the central band across the African continent, their histories are different, and that results in some cultural differences.  The central African people like to get close to you, and do not have the same feelings about  “personal space” that we in Western cultures do.  The handshake is very important in the African culture. Did you know there is a traditional handshake in Liberia? It is very meaningful to Liberians if you learn their traditional handshake.

Our African brothers and sisters like to provide a meal and to share their homes with visitors.  It is very hurtful if you refuse to eat the meal that has been prepared, or to accept the accommodations being provided.  The food may not be anything  you’ve eaten baefore, but you should be polite and partake. They may have sacrificed to be able to do this for you.  Be thankful for their love and kindness.

Be prepared for some culture shock, but do not let your surprise be interpreted as arrogance.  Just because we do things differently in our culture, does not mean we do them better.

Learn the laws governing travel in the country where you plan to visit.  Countries have different laws regarding visas.  Most countries do not require Americans to have visas for entry, but many do, and you need to know before you begin your travels.  You need to know what kind of government that country has.  In many countries that have democratic forms of government, it may in fact be less democratic than we are accustomed to.

Find out about the language.  In some countries, English or French is the official language, but many Africans are bilingual, also speaking one or more tribal languages.

Many missionaries have visited the country before you, and many will come after you.  Some may have given people in that country the wrong impression of what missionaries are really like.  The way you behave, will affect the missionary that comes after you.  Politeness, calmness and prayer are important when dealing with police and other government officials. Your physical health is more important than your pride.

Physical Preparation-

Make sure you are in good health, or that your health is well managed by medication. Get a physical. If you require medication, be sure to take an ample supply with you. It may not be available after you arrive in country.  The availability of medical facilities and personnel will be very different where you are going.

Make sure you have the vaccinations needed for your destination, and points inbetween.

Malaria is still a very serious problem in many less developed countries, and you should make sure your doctor prescribes a good malaria medication for you. Dailies are better than weeklies

Almost every country in central Africa, from the east to the west, is very hot and extremely humid.  Most of these countries have rainy seasons.  A rainy season in Africa is nothing like you have ever experienced in the U.S., Canada or Europe. (Father’s Day, June 2004, in Buchanan, Liberia, we received 36” of rain in one day. )  So take weather into consideration when planning your trip.  Many less developed countries have dirt or gravel roads.  Monsoon rains and dirt roads make for difficult travel. You also need to have an understanding of modes of travel within the country you will be visiting.

Weather will determine what kind of clothing you want to take, and you will be limited in the amount of luggage, and “things” you can take with you.  You may do a lot of walking.


If you want to make a missionary trip to Africa, contact someone on the African Restoration Ministries board. (Contact information is available at this website.) We are not interested in controlling all aspects of missionary work in Africa, but we have many who have made these trips, with a wealth of experience.  We know those you will be contacting and working with, and depending on, while you are in country. They will want to know that you are coming, so they can prepare an itinerary and make your visit most productive.  Be prepared to work long days.

An example of the goals setting/planning abilities of our African brethren, is evident in this plan outlined by Elder Eric and the brethren in Kenya;

The work in East Africa

Our mission locally has been prioritized into:

Special (Isolated groups)

Missionary (new grounds) work

Leadership (building the body of Priesthood)

External – support to the work in Uganda and Tanzania

Our first goal with Consolidation has been concerned with helping members dip their roots in the gospel so that they can benefit fully from the gospel. To assist them understand the Church ministry, ordinances and the meaning and importance of priesthood. If they can get knowledge of these and recognize them as instruments of power at their disposal then the suffering we witness around shall be limited or borne with joy.


Travel to and from Africa is very expensive. Travel within the country where you visit may be expensive. There will be expenses for lodging and food. What ARM can do is dependent on the offerings of the Saints who are so generous in supporting the missionary work in Africa. If you want to make a missionary trip to Africa, consider a money raising project, or approach your branch to see if they would fund your missionary trip. It’s a great way for saints who cannot make the trip to be involved in the missionary work, and they may be more likely to contribute for someone they know personally

Do you still want to be a missionary? Why endure the discomfort of such difficult travel? Heat and humidity and the lack of comforts and amenities to which you are accustomed? Rice and potato greens, or kasava greens for every meal? Because, you will experience the gift and power of the Holy Spirit in a very powerful way. The sparkle in the eyes of people who are hungering and thirsting for the gospel. A newfound appreciation for everything you have in your life. A love, respect and adoration for people you may have felt only for the closest members of your own family.

The spiritual rewards cannot adequately be described. It will be a life altering experience. It may very well increase your appreciation for the restoration gospel, and your desire to serve your Heavenly Father, and His children.


We pray the Lord will give you a heart for the work of taking His gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.


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