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The Gospel in Uganda

By William*

We really give to God the praise for the way he blessed our hearts with joy when so many people joined the Church of Jesus Christ  and were  baptized and confirmed in  the year 2008. It was a year of harvesting in Uganda.   In 2008, Uganda was blessed to have 2 missionaries,  John Mundy and Brian Mundy, who visited Uganda twice in this one year. They visited in March and then August. During these two visits we reached so many places and were able to share the restored gospel.  We managed to visit all of our branches in Uganda.   John and Brian  traveled with me, going deep in the villages. We climbed up into the  mountains where we have one of our restoration branches.. The gospel of the kingdom of God was preached there. In most areas, roads are bad and cannot be reached by vehicles   The  missionaries traveled by motorbikes.   During the two visits of the missionaries in 2008, the following number of people were baptized and confirmed by John and Brian with me assisting them
Baptisms in March were: Kigumba 18;. Nauyo 8; Bupoto 2.  Baptisms in August were Bumageni 18; Nampanga 7;.Nauyo 16; Bupoto 16.   Total new members in 2008 were 75. One member from Nauyo branch was ordained to the office of  Deacon. by John and Brian.   On  behave of the church in Uganda,  I thank God for these two missionaries who poured their hearts to support the gospel in Africa. Our thanks go to all the members in The Church of Jesus Christ, Restoration Branches  who are giving their finances to help  spread this gospel. With your support we shall move forward. May God bless you all.  Yours in Christ, Elder,  William *

* Name with held for privacy

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